Bold Sites for Busy Professionals.

Today, if you’re a busy professional, all you need is one stunning page to set you apart and legitimize your business online. The page should work everywhere—including on smartphones—and be easily editable by you. Page Bureau is the quick and smart solution to get your business online, fast and beautifully.

Who, What and How Much?

Who could use a Page Bureau website?

We think most everybody—including Consultants, Lawyers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Writers and Idealists.

What would I get?

  1. One of our designs to use.
  2. One year of free hosting.
  3. One stellar new website.


This low introductory price is subject to change without notice.

Our Mobile Ready Designs







About Our Designs.


Designed for professionals.

Many professionals don’t have the time or patience to get a beautiful site online. At Page Bureau, we don’t make you jump through hoops. We know you’re busy—but we also know that you don’t want just any cookie-cutter website. Our designs are created with a content-forward approach, with an emphasis on elegant typography. We love words on a page; Page Bureau sites don’t need pretty pictures to be beautiful.


Mobile-ready designs that work on smartphones.

With 1.3 million new Google phones going online every day in 2013, your website must perform and display well on every device and platform—smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs. If you’re viewing this website on a smartphone, you’ve probably already noticed that it looks great and feels like it was built for devices like yours. Page Bureau websites just work and will continue to work as mobile devices evolve. We worry about future-proofing so that you don’t have to.


Easily editable—and very powerful.

Page Bureau makes use of WordPress, the most powerful publishing tool in the industry. Each Page Bureau site is editable by you—you control the content and can make changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Quickly and easily change your business hours, update your phone number, upload a new photo of yourself or fix a typo from anywhere at any time. You can even edit your website right on your smartphone by using the WordPress app for Android or Apple.

Ready? Perfect. Here’s how it works:

1. Payment

You pay half up front ($250) so we know you’re committed.

2. Content

You fill out the content form, and we take it from there.

3. Success!

Pay the rest when we’re done ($250) and your site goes live!

I’m ready.

Dos & Do Nots.

We Do!

  • Help professionals create a strong and beautiful website
  • Provide professional (and renewable) hosting of your site for one year
  • License the use of one of our designs
  • Integrate your content—please keep it short and use our template as a guide
  • Put Google Analytics on your site—so you can see how your site is visited
  • Allow you to update your site using WordPress—a tool powering 1 in 5 websites worldwide
  • Keep your website up to date and maintenance-free

We Do Not!

  • Provide email service—this is best handled by Gmail
  • Register your domain name—but it’s best for you to do that so you own it
  • Set up Facebook/Twitter or other social media pages—we do provide links to them
  • Create logos for you or other graphics
  • Design two-page, three-page, or four-page sites
  • Use non-Page Bureau themes—only the themes in our theme gallery can be used
  • Sell our designs outside of our current pricing package

Who Is Page Bureau?

Page Bureau is powered by Manoverboard Inc, a web design studio operating in Winnipeg, Canada. We’ve designed hundreds of sites for businesses around the world—like Barney’s New York and EQ3. We think we’ve found a better way for the little guy. We call it… Page Bureau.

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